Excerpt from the Video Installation "What time is it?"

Excerpt from the Video Installation "What time is it?"

Jonas Denzel is a filmmaker and media artist with films and installation works
screened and exhibited in both Europe and North America.

Visual media is Jonas’s language and traveling is his instinct. Jonas is always on the road.
He enjoys adapting to new environments and always looks forward to being inspired.
Along his journey in Europe, Australia and North America, Jonas’ focus is on video installations,
documentaries and projection mappings.
With raw footage and little manipulation, Jonas looks at the world as an uncanny yet beautiful
place and he captures it the way he sees it. He is especially enthusiastic about discovering
undervalued objects and bringing out their beauty. The differences in our world,
Jonas acknowledges, contain certain intrinsic worth.
For the Schlosslichstpiele 2018 he created "hands-on", a projection mapping which was screened
on a 180m wide castle facade during the summer 2018 from 29th of july until 9th of September in Karlsruhe.
For more information and a trailer please see here.

At the moment he is working on a projection for the new “Bauhaus-Museum” in Weimar which will be
screened from 9-11th of August 2019 at Genius Loci Weimar – an international projection and light festival
with over 50 000 viewers within a weekend.

In 2016 Jonas studied as a Fulbright scholar at Temple University in Philadelphia (USA)
Film and Media Arts and finished his Master “Timbased Media” with honors at
University of Applied Sciences Mainz in summer 2018. He is currently working on film and
media art projects and is freelance working for the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe.

If you're interested in talking about a project or to simply say hello,
please do get in touch: hello@jonasdenzel.com

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05/2019            Award from Art Directors Club (ADC) Germany for “hands-on”, Hamburg, GER
10/2018            Screening "Eight Hours”, “lappiskarum” and “Martin Guitar” at HafenKunstKino, Düsseldorf, GER
07/2018            "hands-on" voted as public favourite projection at Schlosslichtspiele 2018, Karlsruhe, GER
07/2018            Screening "hands-on" at the Schlosslichtspiele, Karlsruhe, GER
04/2018            Screening "Eight Hours" at Enessimo Film Festival, Bologna, ITA
03/2018            "Film + Medien Nachwuchsförderung Rheinland-Pfalz" Scholarship, Mainz, GER
12/2017            "Winner" for “Eight Hours“ at Short on Work Film Contest, Modena, ITA
10/2017            Project leader of "Borders in a Single Shot" presented and exhibited at Harun Farocki Institute Berlin, GER
07/2017            Over 120.000 views of documentary "Martin Guitar" via social media
05/2017            "Certificate of Completion" of the Fulbright Scholarship, Wahsington D.C., USA
05/2017            Award “Best Graduate Film“ for film “Eight Hours“ at Temple University Philadelphia, USA
04/2017            "Offiicial Selection" of the film “Eight Hours“ at Lux et Lex Student Film Festival, Lancaster, USA
04/2017            "Eight Hours" screened at "Everything must go" - Group Show At Paley Library, Philadelphia, USA
03/2017            Screening of the film “Eight Hours“ at Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Philadelphia, USA
06/2016            "C.A.R. Talent" at Contemporary Art Ruhr, World Heritage Zeche Zollverein Essen, GER
06/2016            “exsule“ exhibited at Contemporary Art Ruhr, World Heritage Zeche Zollverein Essen, GER
03/2016            “exsule“ exhibited at germanys largest lightartfestival Luminale, Frankfurt a. Main, GER
01/2015            Screening „BYOB goes ZKM“ at Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, GER
02/2014            “TOP 99“ of the worldwide short film competition 99 Fire-Films Berlin, GER
11/2013            "Winner" of the GWA Junior Healthcare Award, Frankfurt a. Main, GER
06/2013            Reader‘s Choice Award of German business magazine “brand eins“ video competition, Hamburg, GER
10/2012            "Winner Photo" of the month October, National Geographic Munich, GER
07/2012            2. Winner at Videocontest „Mikasa We Like“, Mikasa Memmingen, GER
05/2012            "Winner Photo" of the month May, National Geographic Munich, GER08